Who is Wilson Advisors, LLC?

We are a financial services firm based in Southfield, Michigan. We have a strong relationship with Ralph C. Wilson Agency, Inc., one of the largest insurance agencies in Michigan. We serve clients in several states.

As an independent firm, we are not guided by shareholders or sales quotas. Our goal is to provide unbiased advice and services to our clients, so they may experience the benefit of our financial services.

Who is Cambridge Investment Research, Inc?

For more information on our independent broker-dealer, click here or visit their corporate website.

What services do you provide?

Visit Service Listings to learn more about the investment services we offer.

What is the financial planning process?

Visit Our Process to learn more about our investment process and how we match your behaviors with your best intentions.

Who is your clientele?

We focus on serving retirees and high-net-worth individuals such as business owners, medical professionals, and executives. We plan for both individuals and families across all ages.

Is there a minimum account balance?

Our typical client will have at least $500,000 in assets or be in a high earning career (i.e., business executive, attorney, or physician).

How are you compensated?

We can be paid a flat fee, a commission on products sold, or as a percentage of your total portfolio. All terms are agreed to at the very beginning so you know the compensation for our services.

How do we get started?

Wilson Advisors, LLC offers a complimentary initial consultation. During this meeting, we get to know each other and can evaluate if we are the right fit.

What should I bring to the initial meeting?

The more financial information you have available, the better. At a minimum, please bring the following:

– Your most recent tax returns
– Financial statements from existing accounts (savings, checking, investment, retirement)
– Insurance policies (life, disability, property/casualty)

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