Common Goals

Each of our clients has specific goals for their family, future, and current financial situation. But they also have the certain universal needs, like a desire to be secure in their retirement future. These are the common goals that we help clients navigate.



We want to understand what retirement truly means to you. Is it a peaceful time in the company of friends or family? Or will you travel the world to experience new cultures and new ideas? Whatever your dreams, the principles to getting there remain the same:

– Creating a financial plan
– Retirement transition counseling to help you discover new interests, hobbies, and passions
– Financial impact on planning for long-term care needs
– Risk management strategies to preserve your wealth and provide a sustainable income stream
– Social Security benefit analysis
– Ongoing investment management and portfolio evaluations to determine if our recommendations are meeting your needs

Investment Management

A professionally selected portfolio of investments could mean the difference between achieving your financial goals and coming up short. Our advisors not only perform intensive due diligence on all of the assets in your portfolio, they also guide your behaviors to align them with your intentions. We partner with you to:

– Analyze and comprehend your risk tolerance to determine if your portfolio is aligned with the risk you are comfortable assuming
– Understand your financial goals and guide your behaviors to meet those goals
– Ongoing investment management with access to third-party money managers and consolidated account statements
– Continual monitoring of your investment portfolio and changing needs

Tax-advantaged Investing

For high-net-worth clients, proper tax planning has the potential to save thousands of dollars a year. We work directly with your accounting professionals to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your tax concerns. We provide:

– A full analysis of your profile to identify investments with possible unwanted tax implications
– The willingness to work with your existing professional team
– Investment options that help lessen your tax burden

Business Succession

Every business owner should have a succession plan to transition their business to the next generation and leave behind a lasting legacy. In conjunction with your attorneys, we can help prepare a written succession plan to ease you into retirement. We work to:

– Prepare for your eventual retirement, including asset recommendations and coaching
– Help determine if you want to make a clean break from the business, or slowly transition away
– Analyze new assets from the sale and suggest income-producing investments

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